5 Reasons you should register more than one Domain Name


When it comes to purchasing a domain, you may have various questions, particularly whether you need more than one. In most cases, acquiring more can be a wise business decision for multiple reasons such as marketing, branding, search engine optimizations, and expanding your business.

It’s essential to consider several factors whenever you’re looking to acquire a domain name. You should think about how exactly your business could benefit from having more than one, the types of domains you should consider buying, any strategic advantage it could provide, and the potential problems that could arise, if any. Here are five reasons why it can be a good idea to acquire more than one domain name:

  1. Common Misspellings

An essential reason to acquire more domain names is to take into account user errors. There’s always a chance for people to misunderstand your domain if they hear it, or they may make a mistake while they’re typing it down on the web browser. A good practice is to own most of your company name’s common misspellings and have them redirect to the original website, ensuring they end up where they intended.

If you already have a domain name and are unsure if you should get some misspelled variations, you can check up a search analytics service, like Google Analytics 4 or the previous Universal Analytics.  With these services, you can quickly look up the search queries people used to find your website, letting you verify which search terms are misspelled if there are any.

Should you happen to find a frequently erroneous search term directly associated with your website, it can benefit you to purchase the domain and redirect it to your main page.

  1. Protecting and Enhancing Your Brand

Buying multiple domain names for your company’s website can be incredibly helpful in protecting and enhancing your brand. It can prevent your competition from poaching your business, which can be a huge issue even for large brands. Any competitor with a similar company name can unintentionally generate confusion, so it can be advantageous to register similar and related domain names.

If your business had a different name, you could take advantage of that. Having domains for both the old name and the new one can get your clients or customers to the correct webpage. The same thing applies if you want to change your business’ name to another. Acquire the new domain, and once you set it up, redirect the old one towards it.

You might want to register an additional domain name that can adequately describe your company’s vertical market depending on the goods and services it provides. If your brand is popular enough to have its customers refer to it by another name, you should also register that one. When you have descriptive domain names, your clients can have an easier time finding your page, and it can help with search engine optimization.

Another thing you can do is implement multiple top-level domains (TLD) whenever it’s possible. There are a massive number of extensions you can choose from, but you don’t need to own all of them. Picking out the most common ones can already be significantly helpful to your company.

For example, if your main site has a .com, you should consider purchasing .co, .org, .net, and other common ones. However, there’s more you can do with them. Using new generic TLDs like .site, .xyz, or .shop could present your company with a compelling and memorable domain name that suits it.

  1. Sales and Advertising

Owning a domain name doesn’t just revolve around efficiently catching traffic and protecting your brand name. You can acquire domains that serve a specific purpose. If you have a core website for your company and you’re interested in performing an advertising campaign, creating a new domain name can help you track your customer’s behavior and measure its effectiveness.

Using new domains specifically for advertising and marketing campaigns is an excellent way to quickly determine where the traffic originates and how you procured a client. It lets you track the performance of the promotion while keeping your original content separate. This method is advantageous when you’re advertising a domain through any means other than online.

Employing a unique web address to guide the customers to a specific part of your website can benefit your company, helping you during advertising campaigns and regular sales. Instead of redirecting or telling customers to head towards ‘XYZgoods.com/store/sale/promotion,’ it might be better to use XYZgoods.promo to guide them towards your offers.

Remember that if you buy a domain for a temporal advertising campaign or promotion, you should disable it once it ends. Hide your website and update your sitemap to avoid saturating the search engine with outdated pages.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

If your company has various brands that accommodate different clients, you can benefit from owning specific domain names for each. It’s important to have a keyword strategy for each of these brands, as having individual domains for them can help you occupy more space in the search results. Designing a microsite with unique content catered to fill a niche market is a popular way to implement this strategy.

You can also improve your company’s ranking in search engine results by using 301 redirects. This method allows you to redirect your alternative domains towards your main page, boosting your overall rankings. However, you should note that if you do have multiple pages with repetitive content, you can hurt your SEO ranking as the search engine doesn’t know what to index or exclude. 

  1. Expanding Your Business

If you’re thinking about expanding your company, acquiring multiple domains can help you in this undertaking. It’s even more beneficial if you want to move your business into new geographical locations. When you operate a domain that provides services for people outside your country, you need to invest in geographic extensions.

If you have an online store located anywhere in Australia that sells its goods in several European countries, investing in some country-code TLDs such as .de, .uk, .fr, and many more besides your main domain can give you a significant advantage. Creating new country-specific domain names is essential if you already have established offices in different parts of the world.

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