Do Aged Care Facilities Need a New Website?

By October 2013, all Aged Care Facilities will be required to publish amenity and pricing information for their facility on their facilities’ website. GI Computer Innovations has extensive experience providing website design to Aged Care facilities, and has developed a set of website pages which can be quickly and easily integrated with many existing websites.

Section 5.1 of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing’s discussion paper on Accommodation Pricing Guidelines states that “Prices for particular rooms or types of rooms must be published by the provider in advance on their own internet site, on the Government’s My Aged Care website and be available in relevant printed materials.”

Aged Care Management System

Our website upgrade service makes it easy for you to comply with the requirements, and at the same time gives you a great opportunity to present the benefits of your facility to your potential customers, effectively turning the regulatory requirement into a marketing opportunity for your facility.


The system gets a "Front-end" and a "Back-end":

"Frontend" is the technical term for the customer-visible portion of the system - like the store-front of a retail shop. This is the portion of the website that your customers see when researching your facility.
G.I. Web Designs' Aged Care Management System provides your customers with an engaging and intuitive way of exploring your aged care facility. Using their web browser, users can easily learn about all the buildings, rooms, features, etc. you offer. A refined search function is provided for customers who wish to find rooms with specific facilities or features.
G.I. Aged Care Management System is a responsive design. This means that the website looks good and is easy to use on a range of different screen sizes, from desktop computer to hand held devices like iPads and mobile phones.

"Backend" is the technical terms for the non-customer visible part of the system. You can think of this as the storeroom in the back of a normal retail store. This is where you can add or remove buildings and rooms from the system, and edit the descriptions and facilities available for each item.
You do not need to know any computer or programming skills to use the G.I. Aged Care Management System's Backend Management Tools. All you need to do are simply typing in names, clicking on your mouse, and all the building and room features will be updated.

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