How to Find My SEO Keywords?

Using the proper keywords is always an important factor to push your website to the first page of Google search. But how? What sort of keywords I can use for my website? How to find out the keywords get most search volume?

Here are some tips about how to find out the correct keywords:

1. Compare your keywords with your competitors’ keywords

If you see a very annoying competitor who always come up on top of the search results, it is probably because they really do a good job on their SEO. So why not take a look at their websites, find out what are those factors to make then successful.

Keywords from your website might be quite similar to the keywords on your competitors’ website. Somehow they might use some more accurate keywords than you. See what they do, then we can go to step 2 and 3 to find out which one we can use then.


2. See the ‘Type Ahead’ suggestions from Google

Every time you type in something on Google (or your Chrome’s URL bar), Google will automatically suggest some contents you might want to search:

That will be a really good tool for you to find out what sort of keywords people are searching for. Google use all those most popular keywords as their “Type Ahead” hints to save your time for typing all those in. Sometimes people get confused about what we need to use from a bunch of similar keywords, then we can use “Type Ahead” to find out.

Here is one example:

You are doing a driving education business, summer time you want to promote your motorcycle training courses. So there are a lot of keywords might pop into your mind: Motorcycle Licence, Motorcycle Training, Motorcycle Courses… Which one we should use? Let’s try type ahead here:

Well, probably “Motorcycle License” is a popular keyword then.

Want to get some more accurate information? Let’s go to step 3 then.


3. Use Google AdWords Keyword Planer

Keyword Planer is a very powerful and accurate tool provided by Google, and most importantly, it is free.

Here are the tips about how to use it:

  • Once we get in the Google AdWords, we can find “Keyword Planer” from “Tools and Analysis” on the menu, click on it.

  • Glick on the tab “Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups”, put in all those keywords you are thinking about, choose the targeting location, then click on “Get search volume”.

  • On the new pages, go to the “Keyword ideas” tab, then you will see for all these keywords, what are their “Average Monthly Searches”. So in this example, “motorcycle license” gets 260 searches every month, as a result, this should probably be the one we need to use as a keyword.

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