QuickBooks to Website Synchronization

QuickBooks to Web Based System – What Can It Do?

QuickBooks-to-WebsiteLots of companies are really rely on QuickBooks nowadays. They use QuickBooks to manage all those things important to a company – stocks, customers, invoice, staffs…

QuickBooks is good to use, it really helps the company a lot in some way. But QuickBooks is for local, not for outside. When you are trying to show customers some information in your inventory, unfortunately there is no way to export all these stock products to a website and display all the information you want to show your customers.

G.I. Web Design has recently developed a QuickBooks Synchronization System which allows you synchronize all the data on your QuickBooks with your web based system or your website. With this system, you can do so many things with your current data in your QuickBooks. Showing all those stocks information to your website is as simple as only one click. All these data will be synchronized to the online database, then display exactly what you have on your QuickBooks to your potential customers visiting your website.

With this system, you can also manage all the inventory details easily. You can choose which data should be displayed and what extra information you want to show online. You can even display an image with your product.

We believe that by using our QuickBooks to Website Synchronization System, you will be able to get more customers and manage your business much easier.

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