Why a good logo is important to your business

A logo is your brand identity; it is what people see. It is a visual symbol made up of text and image that represents your company or brand. It also has the business goal attached to it e.g. Nike – Just Do It! Having a great logo will command respect in the industry. A logo should be notable, catchy, unique, and share the value of your company. First impression is very important for any business and a logo should create such interest in the minds of the consumer. Your logo must be inspiring and memorable.

Top 4 reasons you need a great logo for your business

Identification – A logo will grab the attention of consumers. A great logo will tell the consumer what the company is about immediately. If a coffee shop’s logo is a cup with steam, it is clear at once what the shop is about. The logo should make sense. People should be able to identify the moment they see it. It should also be unforgettable and should linger in the customers’ minds.

Separates you from competitor – Your logo should be unique and it should separate you from your competitors. It should be memorable so that you have an edge over your competitors. Your logo should speak for itself and convey your company’s values and mission to the consumers. Let us look at an example of a coffee shop. There must be hundreds of coffee shops but if your logo states that you are going green for sustainability, it will speak volumes about your goals.

Creates brand loyalty – As your consumer base grows, so will the brand loyalty. Customers love consistency and when offered products or services of a brand that they trust, they would purchase without hesitation. They may not remember your company’s name but your logo is what they would remember. Whenever Nike releases a product, there is huge demand instantly because of brand loyalty. People buy from companies they trust, so your business logo should create that trust.

What should a logo look like?

A logo will have an image and text added to it. The image should be of high quality and clear. It should not be blurry or disfigured. The text should be clear and big enough to read from a distance. You should use an appropriate font for the text. The colours should be pleasing to the eye as well. The logo should be simple and yet catchy. It should be memorable and add value to your business. The way you use your logo should be consistent. It should look the same everywhere be it on a billboard or a magazine.

Since your logo may be used on various media like billboard, flyers, television, display screens etc, the colours and patterns you use should look good without any distortions. Most big companies choose less than 3 colours and usually use solid colours and not gradients. They do not have intrinsic patterns but prefer keeping it simple. Apple company’s logo is a half bitten apple and Nike’s logo is a simple tick mark.

It is best to get a professional designer to design your company’s logo. You can discuss what you want and what colours you want, share your ideas with an expert at GI Web Design. You will be surprised at the designs our professionals come up with. At GI Web Design we can design or redesign your logo for you. Click HERE to for more info.

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