Why I Need a Responsive Web Design?

Research has shown that people around the word are accessing the web via their mobile devices more often than ever. In 2013, 17.4% of web traffic are actually from mobile phones and tablets.


The above chart from Statista gives us a better idea about the difference between year 2012 and year 2013.

So, there is no doubt, the mobile web era is coming.

Getting a website does not only mean that getting a website for computer users anymore. you need to be aware that your potential customers might be using a cellphone or tablet to visit your website. If the site is totally a mess when displayed on their small screen mobile devices, you might lose them then.

responsive web design [Converted]

So, there are a couple ways to develop a mobile friendly website. The first solution, developing a mobile App. Getting a mobile App for your company is always a fancy thing. Most people would like to have a mobile App but there is a major problem: the price is too costly. The second solution is create a separate mobile site for your website. normally this mobile site's domain will start with a "m." which indicates that you are browsing a mobile version page. But again, getting a separate site cost more money, and the loading time of the page will be long since it needs a redirect at the beginning to take visitors from your original site to the mobile site. The third solution is using a responsive CSS to recognize the current screen and change the display layout of the site to suit every screen size. This is called responsive design.

By using a responsive design, you only need to keep one website, which can be displayed nicely on an iPhone or other mobile deceives. you don'e need to spend extra money on developing a new website version or creating a mobile App. also, when you need to make some updates on your site, you only need to update one site.

G.I. Web Design has lots of experience on developing responsive design websites. we use BootStrap as out major technique to create a nice and clean responsive website for you. we are also good at customize the CSS file and make the website looks as you require. Not like other web development companies, which charged you a lot more money on make your website responsive, G.I. Web Design's responsive web design price is very reasonable. Contact Us today to find out more details and let us build a nice and responsive website for you!

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