Why I Need a Website?

Probably a lot of small business owners are still struggling on one question: whether should I get a website? Well, our answer is, yes, you need one.

Here we will explain you a bit on why a website is necessary to your business and what benefits you can get from a  website:

1. All Year Round Running

Website is not like TV, radio or newspaper, it is running 24 hours every day. People from all around the world can easily get access to your website to find out information about your business in any time.

2. It is FREE/CHEAP advertising source

Recent research has shown that the advertising market shares are shifting from the traditional form into the digital one. By getting a website, people can find out your business by searching for the related keywords on any search engines. If your website is doing a great job on SEO and you keep updating your contents frequently, you will get a lot more customers from your website, which will surely save you some money on traditional advertising.

3. Improve Credibility

Probably a lot people was in this situation: customers asking what is your website. If you don't have one, your customer might feel your business is not trust worthy. Nowadays, people value a business a lot by their web interface. If you get a good looking website, it will benefit your business a lot!

4. Communication Tools Between You and Your Customers

Customers can easily submit a enquiry or give feedback on your website.

5. Marketing Convenience

It is much easier to show your services or products and then shot a email with the links to your customers than driving to them with any paper brochure or calling every one of them via phone.


Benefits of getting a website are far more than what are listing above, contact us today to get a comprehensive solution to improve your business!