Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Your Business

Social media should be part of your business marketing strategy whether you run a small store or an international company. Social Media connects to your customers, creates awareness of your brand which in turn results in sales and leads. More than 3 billion people use some form of social platform to connect, so utilizing the power of social media is a great strategic move.

The five most valuable social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. The most engaging content on the above platforms are written articles, videos, images, offers and infographics. Regularly updating your social media platforms with original content will keep the users engaged and active.

5 reasons why social media marketing is important

  1. Generate Leads – Social media platforms are generally crowded and noisy. There are people discussing products or services, reviewing and of course unhappy customers voicing their opinions. When you engage these users and offer relevant information, you may get some potential leads. These leads can then be converted. Such potential leads can become your regular customers if properly managed.
  2. Boost Sales – One great advantage of social media is that you could get personal with your customers. You could also offer customised solutions to an individual based on their needs. You can then create a bond with your customers who will in all probability remain loyal to your business.
  3. Industry Leader – When you are perceived as an authority figure in your industry, this creates a positive impression on social media. By consistently updating relevant information pertaining to your industry, providing insights and news, you can build up your brand authority. Your followers will share your content and offers (promotions) because they trust your expertise.
  4. Convenience – Social media is generally less expensive and easy to use over other marketing tools. Advertising on social media is better since the audience is targeted based on geographical location, age, profession, gender etc. It is convenient because you can easily create an account and start putting up content immediately. Once you have brand exposure, you can build strong relationships with your customers.
  5. Affordable – Advertising on social media is affordable and less cumbersome than other platforms. You could use images, videos or posts to advertise. When you advertise in newspaper, it is expensive because it is seen by everybody and money is wasted on an audience that you are not targeting. On social media, you could target the kind of audience you need and pay accordingly. This is the reason it is very popular among businesses.

Just like online presence, social media presence is also very important for your business. Be active and engaging. Many people post on social media asking questions, sharing experiences and giving advice. They do not mind getting replies from strangers as well. Immediate purchase may not be possible but engaging the audience and building relationships with such audiences will ensure sales at a later point in time. Facebook and Twitter are quite popular for such user engagement.

Most of the social media networks are free and this gives businesses an opportunityto trackpotential buyers’ activities. They get more insights into their target audience’s likes, dislikes and interests which will help create better strategies to market their product or services. Gathering such data from audience research will help improve your marketing efforts.

Facebook and Twitter are 2 platforms where you can view the reach and insights of all posts. This is very helpful for your business’s marketing plan.

Social media is also used to increase traffic on your website. Either through posting or through advertisements on social media, you could direct the customer who clicks to land on your website or landing page. This kind of traffic is targeted and the right audience for your business. An added advantage is that it also helps in your site’s SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

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