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What is Video Editing?

Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video footage to create a final, polished video product. 

Video editing involves various tasks such as cutting and trimming video clips, combining multiple clips, adding transitions, incorporating audio, applying visual effects, and adjusting the overall pacing and flow of the video.

Video editing is a crucial step in the post-production process, allowing creators to transform raw footage into a polished and professional final product. Curious to know more? 

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Whether it’s promotional videos, explainer videos, brand videos, or testimonial videos, Gi has you covered.

Corporate Videos

A corporate video is a video produced by a business or organisation for promotional or informational purposes. These videos are typically created to communicate a specific message to a target audience, both internally and externally. Corporate videos serve various purposes, including marketing, training, internal communication, and brand building.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are audio-visual content created with the primary goal of promoting a product, service, brand, or event. These videos are designed to capture the audience’s attention, convey a compelling message, and encourage them to take a specific action. Promotional videos are widely used in marketing and advertising strategies to engage potential customers and increase brand awareness.

Training & education Videos

Despite the increase in online shopping, many customers are still sceptical of sharing their personal details and secure information with e-stores. Stories of scams and fraud mean reputable businesses need to work harder. Offering multiple secure payment options and prominently displaying trust seals or security badges instils confidence.

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